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Current Trends

At Shelf Direct we like to foresee new trends and must-have pieces that we can’t wait to get our hands on! From colours to prints and technology, stay ahead of the trends with these insights from the experts. Natural stone and earthy interiors Natural stone colours, from bronzy browns, dove greys, pines and oaks are […]

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It’s difficult to beat the clean, mild aesthetic of beech shelves

Beech isn’t necessarily the first wood that a lot of people consider when they are attempting to choose from the many attractive finishes available for wooden shelves, but it perhaps should be. After all, it is a very elegant, clean and mild-looking wood that has also long been popular for furniture due to its more […]

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Yes, we do attractive twin slot shelving, too

Even if you don’t immediately know what the term ‘twin slot shelving‘ means, you will have almost certainly seen such shelves before. It’s a reference to the wall mounted shelving system comprising lengths of steel “U” channel section, the front of which incorporates a series of twin slots and fixing holes. These lengths are also […]

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Oak shelving has plenty of advantages

It can sometimes seem like oak furniture is more or less as old as the sun. Look around your home now, and you will likely see a lot of chairs, tables and cabinets made from this durable, long-lasting and timeless wood. Indeed, one of the biggest reasons you may decide to order oak shelves may […]

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What’s the point of maple shelves?

Maple has long been used for timber. Indeed, you may have previously purchased all manner of items with a maple finish, not least various forms of furniture. But what is it about maple that makes so many of us want to choose this finish time and time again? Only you can really answer that question, […]

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It’s not as unglamorous to buy shelf brackets as you might think

The purchase of shelving for your home can be quite an exciting thing – after all, shelving is far from merely functional, also playing a key part in your home’s aesthetics. That’s something that we recognise here at Shelfdirect through our offer of an extensive selection of shelves in various wood finishes, as well as […]

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Introducing the 4cm thickness shelves of our Medio range

We’ve always believed here at Shelfdirect that shelving is never just shelving, and we’re sure you feel the same way. After all, even if we don’t all see ourselves as artistic or design geniuses, we do like our homes to have their own distinct ‘look’, which helps to explain the popularity of not just one, […]

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Don’t settle for dull, formulaic shelving from the usual high street stores

With so many shelving suppliers in the UK, including the big-name chain stores as well as smaller independent companies, surely, there isn’t much need to think about which one you choose? After all, are you even likely to consciously notice your shelves once you’ve put them up and started using them? Alas, we suspect – […]

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What makes us one of the leading shelving suppliers in the UK?

Shelving is one of those things that you will almost certainly feel the need to have in your home, and which you therefore can’t ignore when it comes to quality, price or style. But how can you be sure of shelving that looks the part in your humble abode while also catering to your practical […]