Don’t settle for dull, formulaic shelving from the usual high street stores

With so many shelving suppliers in the UK, including the big-name chain stores as well as smaller independent companies, surely, there isn’t much need to think about which one you choose? After all, are you even likely to consciously notice your shelves once you’ve put them up and started using them?

Alas, we suspect – given your presence on this site – that you don’t agree with the above assertions. The likelihood is that you are the kind of discerning homeowner who believes there is a difference between just any old shelving units, and those that truly support your aesthetic aims for your room and home.

We aren’t just another shelving supplier

If, though, you are someone who still needs to be convinced, just take a look at the extremely diverse range of shelving units we can offer right now here at Shelfdirect. As far as we are concerned, your chosen shelves should be as unique as you are, made to your exact desired specifications and the highest of standards, as we have been committed to for years.

We were established in 2010 in the Hove, East Sussex workshop of our founder Richard. He continues to make all of our shelving to help ensure that whatever you buy from us, you don’t just get whatever you could have got from one of the obvious big-name high street stores.

You may, for example, be on the lookout for ready-to-paint display shelves that are as simple to install as they are perfect for showing off your treasured items. Or what about some Piccolo shelving in any of the five wood finishes of beech, maple, oak, walnut or cherry? These shelves also have a pleasingly sturdy appearance, being 2cm thick.

Nor can you overlook our 19mm thick MDF twin slot shelves that are available in the same range of high-quality wood veneer finishes, or our Mezzo shelving units that are a whopping 3.5cm thick for a seriously solid look.

You can do better – choose Shelfdirect

In an era in which homeowners across the UK and beyond are particularly coming to appreciate the value of individuality in their domestic furnishings, now is not the time to settle for just the same old shelving as everyone else, but instead units that really help to give your home a distinctive character.

Place your order or request our shelving samples today, and you will soon appreciate how here at Shelfdirect, we really aren’t just one more of the many formulaic shelving suppliers in the UK.