Yes, we do attractive twin slot shelving, too

Even if you don’t immediately know what the term ‘twin slot shelving‘ means, you will have almost certainly seen such shelves before. It’s a reference to the wall mounted shelving system comprising lengths of steel “U” channel section, the front of which incorporates a series of twin slots and fixing holes. These lengths are also known as wall uprights, and are fitted vertically to the surface of the wall. Various display and storage accessories can then be added to these uprights.

It’s hard to argue with the pleasingly clean and clinical appearance of twin slot shelving, which should go a long way to explaining its popularity down the years in homes, kitchens, schools, hospitals and offices alike. They are associated with more sterile environments and aesthetics, but they are also a very practical and versatile shelving solution.

So, of all of the twin slot shelving available on the market, why should you place your trust in Shelfdirect’s twin slot shelves?

We’ve thought of everything with our twin slot shelves

Whatever you could conceivably require from twin slot shelving, we’ve catered to it with our extensive range here at Shelfdirect. We offer it in both wood finish and ‘ready to paint’ variants, the former able to be specified in any of five real wood veneer finishes: beech, maple, oak, cherry or walnut. Remember that if you want to take a closer look at any of these finishes before you order, we’d be happy to send you some free samples.

Whatever type of twin slot shelving you opt for, you won’t have to worry about them sagging or bending once you’ve loaded a lot of objects onto them, thanks to our use of 19mm thick MDF. We also have them manufactured to your exact measurements, while the brackets and uprights are available in a choice of white or black.

One of the very best things about our twin slot shelves, however, is that they are so easy for anyone possessing a reasonable level of DIY skill to install. You don’t even need any specialist equipment – a tape measure, pencil, spirit level, drill, screw and rawl plugs will do. Once you’ve screwed the uprights to the wall, slotted the brackets into the uprights and placed the shelves onto the brackets, you can reflect on a job well done.

Why hesitate when you’re on the lookout for some beautiful twin slot shelving? This type of shelving really is a wonderfully attractive, functional and long-lasting solution for all manner of settings, especially when you buy it from Shelfdirect!