It’s not as unglamorous to buy shelf brackets as you might think

The purchase of shelving for your home can be quite an exciting thing – after all, shelving is far from merely functional, also playing a key part in your home’s aesthetics. That’s something that we recognise here at Shelfdirect through our offer of an extensive selection of shelves in various wood finishes, as well as ‘ready to paint’ form, encompassing floating shelves, alcove shelves, display shelves and more.

But when you buy shelves, you will also need to buy shelf brackets – and thankfully, that’s not as intimidating or even as dull a process as you might presume.

At the time of typing, we have shelf clamps in a choice of brushed nickel or polished chrome that can be used with both our 2cm Piccolo shelves and 3.5cm Mezzo shelves. In addition, we have uprights and brackets that are ideal for use with our twin slot shelving, in a choice of black or white to match the shelves themselves.

We make the shelf installation process as simple as possible

Here at Shelfdirect, we realise that if you are turning to us rather than the big brand name stores for shelving, you will be doing so with a wish for your shelving to look good – and that includes the brackets. You won’t want to buy shelf brackets that stand out for all of the wrong reasons, and nor will you want the installation process to be too much of a hassle.

Thankfully, we have carefully thought about this for our range of shelf brackets, doing everything possible to ensure that they are simple to use and come with all of the fixings and instructions that you need to quickly and easily install your shelving.

All in all, we would say that the installation process is relatively straightforward for anyone with a decent level of skill and experience in DIY. However, if you are in any doubt, we would urge you to get in touch with a skilled tradesperson.

As for the number of brackets required, we would suggest that anyone purchasing our Mezzo, Piccolo or twin slot shelving purchases two brackets for each shelf. For approximately every additional 50cm of shelving, we would recommend another bracket – so a 100cm shelf should have two brackets, a 150cm shelf should have three brackets and so on.

Purchase your shelf brackets from a trusted name in shelving

We aren’t just another shelving provider – we take pride in catering to our customers’ most specific needs, and the situation is no different when it comes to shelf brackets.

Buy shelf brackets from our extensive range here at Shelfdirect to ensure that your own next shelving units both look and act the part, wherever you have them installed in your home.