Introducing the 4cm thickness shelves of our Medio range

We’ve always believed here at Shelfdirect that shelving is never just shelving, and we’re sure you feel the same way. After all, even if we don’t all see ourselves as artistic or design geniuses, we do like our homes to have their own distinct ‘look’, which helps to explain the popularity of not just one, but all of our shelving ranges.

There are various things that help to make a shelf stand out, and one of the easiest things to pay attention to is thickness – many of us just love the appearance of especially thick shelves. There’s something pleasingly solid-looking about 4cm thickness shelves like our Medio shelf, which you can order in an assortment of finishes.

So, why buy these 4cm thick shelves?

It’s simple, really – there may be other companies out there offering 4cm thickness shelves, or you may be tempted to try to make some yourself. However, many shelves of this thickness are made entirely from solid wood, which renders them extremely heavy and prone to warping.

Our Medio shelves, though, resemble solid wood shelves in all of their beauty because they use real wood veneer, in a choice of finishes including beech, maple, oak, walnut and cherry. Such wood veneers enable you to enjoy the best visual characteristics of solid, natural wood, but without the problems that 4cm thickness shelves can otherwise suffer.

However, if you would like to paint these shelves in a certain colour, you will be pleased to learn that we also offer them in ‘ready to paint’ form. Whichever type of Medio shelving you choose, you can look forward to the same remarkable stability and weight-bearing capacity.

It’s also easy to install these shelves on solid or plasterboard walls, thanks to the range of fixings that we can also supply. Once you have installed your Medio shelves, you will be able to step back and admire their highly elegant ‘floating’ appearance.

Purchase your next shelving from Shelfdirect

There are many more great reasons to buy your 4cm thickness shelves from our online store, not least the incredible skill and experience of our owner Richard. He makes all of our shelves in our East Sussex workshop, and you can have your shelves individually handmade and delivered to you in about 10-12 working days from the date of order and payment.

With all of these things considered, is there really any need to consider any supplier of such shelving other than Shelfdirect?