It’s difficult to beat the clean, mild aesthetic of beech shelves

Beech isn’t necessarily the first wood that a lot of people consider when they are attempting to choose from the many attractive finishes available for wooden shelves, but it perhaps should be. After all, it is a very elegant, clean and mild-looking wood that has also long been popular for furniture due to its more practical qualities – it is hardwearing and shock-absorbent, for example, as well as relatively malleable, which is why it is frequently used for curved furniture items.

It therefore shouldn’t exactly surprise you that our beech shelves sell so well here at Shelfdirect. Whether you are specifically looking for beech shelves so that you can coordinate your shelving and storage spaces with other beech surfaces in your home, or you are simply a fan of this wood’s undramatic but natural aesthetic, we’re convinced that we’ll have just the ones for you.

What are your options for beech shelving?

Beech is just one of the five wood options that you can specify for our wood-finished shelves, the others being maple, oak, walnut and pine. Whatever type of shelves you choose from the many we can produce for you – such as floating alcove shelves, Grande floating shelves and twin slot shelves, among various other options – you can look forward to the same build quality and longevity.

You see, we manufacture our beech shelves with real wood veneer, rather than making the entire shelf out of solid wood. This is very much to your benefit, especially when you are interested in a particularly thick shelf, as a thick solid wood shelf is very heavy and can be prone to warping in a modern home setting.

But those aren’t the only reasons to buy beech shelves from us

Shelfdirect isn’t just any old supplier of beech shelves, and we certainly don’t exist just to imitate the big-brand name stores that you may have considered sourcing your shelving from instead. That’s because we take real pride in making wonderfully bespoke-looking shelving in our Hove workshop, thanks to the incredible skills and craftsmanship of company owner and founder, Richard.

Nor do you have to simply imagine what beech shelves made by us might look like. Request our free wood veneer samples today, and you will be able to see for yourself not only our beech veneer, but also the other four wood finishes in which we specialise.

When you want genuinely well-designed, strongly built and reasonably priced beech shelves from a company that you can trust, don’t accept any less than one of the very best, Shelfdirect.