What’s the point of maple shelves?

Maple has long been used for timber. Indeed, you may have previously purchased all manner of items with a maple finish, not least various forms of furniture.

But what is it about maple that makes so many of us want to choose this finish time and time again? Only you can really answer that question, as it’s different for everyone. Perhaps it’s the creamy finish of this white hardwood, sometimes tinged with red, or maybe it’s the sheer hardness that renders it such a great choice for the likes of kitchen cabinets and dressers?

Few questions can certainly be asked of the durability of maple – it can take a lot of punishment over a long time span and still look amazing. Indeed, such a characteristic – together with the rest of those above – makes it very unsurprising that maple shelves have been so popular down the years.

So you want maple shelves… but why go for our maple shelves?

When you are on the lookout for the perfect maple shelves for your home, there’s no question that we give you a lot of options. Many homeowners who dream of maple shelves imagine having solid wood shelves, and we can supply gorgeous solid wood display shelves with a backplate that is just under 2cm thick. These shelves are easy to install, even coming with all of the necessary fixings so that any reasonably capable DIY enthusiast can get on with the job.

Our solid wood options include not just display shelves, but also picture shelves that could be just the thing for showing off a nice art poster or print. However, we also have many shelves that are merely finished in maple veneer, including the likes of floating alcove shelves and those from our Grande, Medio, Mezzo and Piccolo ranges.

Maple veneer shelving makes sense over solid wood shelving for various reasons – not least the latter’s excessive heaviness and susceptibility to warp at greater thicknesses.

Request samples of our wood veneers today

Remember that if you are still wondering whether maple is the right choice for your own new home shelving, especially given our other available wood finishes including beech, oak, walnut and cherry, there’s no need to just guess, as we are all too happy to mail you free samples at your request.

For the finest in maple shelves, there’s no need to look to one of the major high street stores – just order from us right here at Shelfdirect.