Oak shelving has plenty of advantages

It can sometimes seem like oak furniture is more or less as old as the sun. Look around your home now, and you will likely see a lot of chairs, tables and cabinets made from this durable, long-lasting and timeless wood. Indeed, one of the biggest reasons you may decide to order oak shelves may simply be how well it coordinates with the rest of the oak finishes already in your home.

But of course, there are many more great reasons to purchase oak shelves than that, as our own extensive range of oak shelving makes apparent here at Shelfdirect.

Why should you invest in oak shelves at all?

The reasons for which you buy oak shelves are likely to be much the same as those that may have led you to buy oak furniture. The visible grain of oak really brings out the beauty of the wood, with the overall appearance being pleasing, yet subtle.

As aforementioned, you can also expect such a dense hardwood as oak to last for a while – it can take plenty of scuffs and bumps without ever really looking worse for wear.

Oak simply being such a common and readily available choice of wood is also an advantage, not least because this tends to make it more affordable than rarer woods.

Then, there are the benefits of ordering from Shelfdirect

If there is one obvious disadvantage of buying anything in oak, it is how physically heavy this wood can be, which can make oak shelves susceptible to warping. Yet, we also appreciate here at Shelfdirect that many people love good old-fashioned solid wood shelves.

So instead of focusing on just one approach or another, we decided to go for two. You can purchase solid oak shelves from us of the exceptional quality that you would expect from a small company like ours that prides itself on impeccable craftsmanship.

However, for certain thicker shelves of ours, such as the Medio and Grande ranges, we’ve gone for a wood veneer approach, whereby the purchaser gets to enjoy the beauty of a real wood finish, but also outstanding stability and weight-bearing capacity.

We want your oak shelves to look good, but also to do so much more – and when you choose Shelfdirect over the obvious high-street stores, you can be assured of shelving that offers all of the best things about this remarkable material, with none of the drawbacks.