What makes us one of the leading shelving suppliers in the UK?

Shelving is one of those things that you will almost certainly feel the need to have in your home, and which you therefore can’t ignore when it comes to quality, price or style. But how can you be sure of shelving that looks the part in your humble abode while also catering to your practical requirements and not needing to be replaced for many years?

A tailored service from a small, independent company

Well, choosing the best shelving suppliers in the UK is one step towards ensuring that. Here at Shelfdirect, we aren’t just another big-name company, providing the same shelves that everyone else has in their homes. We are run by Richard, who makes all of our products in his East Sussex workshop, building on his considerable experience and expertise down the years in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke wooden kitchens.

This is an important detail, because unlike certain other shelving suppliers in the UK, we really can cater to whatever exact requirements you may have for your shelves – just contact us now to start talking to us about the finer specifications you desire for your units.

In short, we don’t merely provide you with the same dull in-stock shelving you will have already seen elsewhere. What we are, instead, is a small and independent company that is ready to bring you the complete tailored service and the very best quality and most visually remarkable shelves.

You have all of the options with us

Our online store makes it easy for you to browse the full range of shelving types that we offer. Are you on the lookout for ready-to-paint or solid wood display shelving? Or what about alcove shelves in any of a broad selection of real wood veneers, including beech, oak, maple, cherry and walnut?

The likes of floating shelves and twin slot shelves are other specialities of ours, so don’t hesitate to check out our full current online product range before placing the exact order that meets with your satisfaction. Those buying our twin slots shelving, for instance, can choose from not only various wood finishes, but also black or white for the colour of the bracket and uprights, together with the upright size and quantity and the bracket size and quantity.

Shelfdirect does everything possible to bring you shelves that you will be genuinely delighted to have grace your home, even supplying free samples on request to help you make your buying decision. So, why work with any other shelving suppliers in the UK?