For the best quality custom shelving installation, look no further than Shelfdirect

Although it may be one of life’s smaller worries to some, we believe that having high-quality custom shelving is crucial. As a long-standing leading provider of bespoke shelving units, we are well aware of the benefits that correctly installed, high-quality shelving can bring.

These benefits, paired with the unbeatable expertise and customer service that we can provide here at Shelfdirect, means that there’s only one company you need to look to when you are interested in having tailor-made floating shelves installed.

Shelving that meets your needs

Having shelving made to your exact needs can do wonders for style, safety and practicality. Floating shelves offer a sleek, chic vibe thanks to their lack of external bracketing, which can do wonders for your home’s style. After all, why settle for something store-bought and boring when you have a wealth of personal taste to express?

As for the equally important safety and practicality, bespoke shelving from Shelfdirect can be made to fit perfectly with the features that make your home unique, such as alcoves and corners. This means that you won’t need to worry about your shelving looking uneven or inelegant in your home, no matter how ‘difficult’ the space in which they are to be installed may be. It also helps that our custom shelves are so easy to clean – so they’ll not only look great, but continue looking great!

Only the finest will do

We must stress that not all floating shelving is made equal. Sadly, some custom shelving specialists may lack the expertise, dedication to quality and willingness to accommodate the most demanding requirements that we can boast, which is indication enough that you should only consider Shelfdirect for your next bespoke shelving installation.

Our resident shelf maker has previous experience in the creation of bespoke wooden kitchens, so who better could there be to create other tailor-made wooden products like shelving? With this expertise comes an unwavering dedication to ensuring that all finished products are of the highest quality, as well as to bringing our customers’ more adventurous ideas to life.

We have a flawless track record of customer satisfaction here at Shelfdirect, so why accept any other company to provide your own next bespoke shelving units?