Winter is just around the corner – but is your home ready?

Although the sun may still be out – for now, anyway – the back end of 2016 is sneaking up on us quickly. Soon, we’ll all be planning for Halloween, Bonfire Night and even Christmas. All of this may seem daunting, but there are plenty of things that you can do to prepare, instead of panic-buying presents and outfits.

One thing that you will probably find greatly helps in the run-up to the colder months is to have a tidy-up around the house – or at least get yourself more organised.

As well as providing the perfect blank canvas for Halloween or Christmas decorations, a ‘winter clean’ will allow you to free up room in your home for presents, make it more welcoming for guests and simply give your abode a more comfortable and cosy vibe all-round.

So without further ado, here are our top tips for getting your home shipshape for winter – including investing in some handy storage solutions such as our bespoke shelving units.

A winter clean is as effective as a spring clean

As aforementioned, the arrival of winter also signals the arrival of presents, guests and much more time spent indoors. Naturally, you need a fair amount of space to do all of this. The good news is that if you feel that your living space has become a little cluttered lately, there is plenty that can be done about it.

If your household is anything like most people’s, the likelihood is that most of your clutter will consist of items that you just don’t need any longer. Some of these items can be sold on online auction sites or at car boot sales or flea markets, or you may choose to donate them to a charity shop or reuse or recycle them for your own use in some way.

Great storage is vital for cluttered homes

Unfortunately, even if you do manage to get rid of a large proportion of your clutter, there may still be a lot left lying around, which is where one of our stylish, practical and bespoke shelving units here at Shelfdirect may prove invaluable.

After all, you’ve only got so much drawer space to fill with presents, decorations, books, cards and all manner of other items, so why not grace your wall with something that looks effortlessly contemporary while also giving those awkward items a home?

We are especially renowned here at Shelfdirect for our floating shelves, which are very chic and easy to install. They have no external bracketing, which gives them the ultimate clean appearance, but they can also hold a lot of weight, so you won’t need to worry about your shelves bending under the strain.

Whether you wish to invest in shelving simply to save space for the winter or to add what may be some much-needed unique and contemporary style to your home’s walls, you know where to turn for the very best such shelving – Shelfdirect!