Why should you choose wood veneer over traditional wood for your floating shelves?

Our range of floating shelves is made with a wealth of care, love and knowledge of our field of work. As one of the leading suppliers of floating shelves in the UK, we’ve quickly established what works and what doesn’t when creating stunning shelving solutions.

One thing we have determined is that wood veneer is one of the best materials of choice for floating shelves – but not many others are aware of its advantages, or what it even is.

What is wood veneer, and why use it in shelving?

If you aren’t familiar with the term already, wood veneer is the result of multiple thin slices of wood being gluedonto core panels. These slices are normally thinner than 3mm and tend to be glued onto the likes of wood, particle board or medium-density fibreboard.

It’s more than likely that you have a piece of furniture crafted from wood veneer already; it is often used for cabinets, wardrobes and other wooden furniture.

Wood veneers offer various advantages over more traditional wood. The primary advantage of this material is stability, with solid wood being more prone to warping and splitting. As veneer is made from thinner layers of wood that are glued together, there is less opportunity for splitting or cracking to occur – especially when one bears in mind that the glue will provide additional strength.

Furthermore, wood veneer is a much more sustainable option than solid wood; veneering uses less wood and is also much more readily available than solid wood, which can be scarce and expensive.

A world of innovative storage solutions

Wood veneer is at the heart of our range of floating shelves, which we can customise by length, width and depth to your heart’s desire. We can even assist with any more flamboyant ideas that you may have regarding your shelving, such as the creation of patterns or alcove shelving.

Should you wish to experience the high quality of our floating shelf materials for yourself – without having to take the leap of investing in a shelf just yet – please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a free sample.