What’s the point of ordering our free samples?

Although here at Shelfdirect, we undoubtedly place all of our products in the highest regard, we understand that someone who hasn’t seen our products in person or hasn’t purchased one of our shelves previously may not be aware of that high quality.

That’s one of the reasons why we introduced our free shelving samples on our website – because we believe that everyone should at least give our shelving a try.

Here are a few more reasons why it’s well worth requesting our free shelving samples before you invest in any of our shelving.

You can test the different wood veneers against your colour scheme

We can create our custom floating shelves with several different wood veneer finishes. Choosing one that will match the colour scheme of your home – one that won’t clash or look ‘off’ with the colours of the pre-existing decor in your abode – can be difficult if you don’t have the shelf itself to work with.

The wood veneer finishes we have available are fairly neutral colours, but it’s still possible that when you make a proper comparison, you may feel that the colour doesn’t match up to your decor, or that you simply don’t like your chosen shade.

Instead of judging by purely guessing what the shelf will look like, a free sample allows you to get a better idea of how well a certain wood veneer will look in your home – meaning that you don’t waste money on painting over a shelf because the veneer just didn’t look right.

You will see the quality of our shelving for yourself

As aforementioned, we think it’s worth filling out a small form to see just how much work we put into our shelves – it even shows on just a small sample.

Every last bit of our shelving has been made by hand in our Hove workshopand has been since the company’s beginnings in 2010. Whatever product you require, it will be made with the benefit of years of experience, and tailored to your exact needs.

Still not convinced? Order some of our free samples – then you’ll see what the fuss is all about.

For more information on acquiring free samples or to enquire about our floating shelves or any of our other products, why not get in touch with the friendly and professional Shelfdirect customer service team now?