The ways floating shelves can bring chic to your home

Shelving units may not be what immediately come to mind when you think of redesigning your décor, but with an understated floating shelf from Shelfdirect, you can add some charm to your home and complement the rest of your interior.

Here are just some of the reasons why going ‘floaty’ is the way forward.

Invisible brackets

For the ultimate in minimalist chic, floating shelves are the best choice. Floating shelves get their name due to the illusion they create of being suspended in the air without any supports.

Noticeable brackets of either metal or wood can diminish the simple charm of a shelf and the items it holds. Shelfdirect’s floating shelves are designed to hide the supports within your walls and the shelf itself to provide that much-sought-after floating appearance.

Glorious wooden finishes

Floating shelves are often available in a range of wood finishes that work well in a plethora of different home decor schemes, such as rustic, traditional and modern. Wooden shelving is highly versatile and can work in any room.

We stock some fantastic wooden finish floating shelves, ranging from beech, walnut and maple to oak and cherry. If you would rather opt out of the wooden look altogether and want your shelves to match the colour scheme of the rest of your room, we also stock floating shelves that are ready to paint. Coat them with one solid colour or add your own unique design.

Deceptively delicate aesthetic

Floating shelves look very fragile and understated to the naked eye, which works well for either drawing attention to particular ornaments or creating a minimalist décor. The invisible supports may make these shelves look precarious, but in reality, they help to ensure a high level of support for the items the shelves hold.

Floating shelves from Shelfdirect are reinforced with heavy timber brackets that prevent the shelf from buckling under pressure. Our products represent the perfect blend of style and practicality.

Get in touch with Shelfdirect about floating shelves

A New Year often means a fresh new look, and that goes double for your home. Floating shelves are the perfect way to give a modern, traditional or rustic home or business a genuinely gorgeous aesthetic.

To learn more about our different products and receive some friendly advice from our dedicated staff, simply contact Shelfdirect today.