Summer’s around the corner – here’s how to save space before the sun shows up

Summer is a month or so away, and the sun is already beginning to emerge after a cold, drizzly winter – kind of. The first few rays of sunlight are all too inviting for us Brits; as soon as spring starts to fade, we hit the beach, start up our barbeques and find the nearest beer garden – not much time for cleaning and organising our homes, then.

Thankfully, Shelfdirect is here to help with a few tidying up tips. We can’t assist you with those dreary and endless household chores, but we can help you to save space and clear clutter – including by investing in a floating shelves installation.

Have a clearout

As summer approaches, so does a whole new season of clothing and footwear from fashion stores – no one wants to be wearing gloves and a fur coat in summer, after all.

This may mean that you’re due a wardrobe clear out. Whatever you don’t need can be donated to charity, given to a friend or saved for next winter.

As for all the new clothes that’ll be making an appearance in your wardrobe, there are several ways to properly utilize the space you have.

Roll, don’t fold, any clothes that are being placed into drawers – you’ll find that you can place more items in each drawer. If you’ve opted for a traditional wardrobe, try adding shelves or catchalls onto the inside of the doors.

Shelving is a good option for the storage and display of such items as jewellery, shoesand other accessories. If you haven’t got the space to install regular shelving, our bracket-less floating shelves may be an option.

Be clever with your cleaning

Any household jobs should be spread out in a way that doesn’t make them feel like an endless stretch of cleaning.

If you live with other people – whether family members or otherwise – get together to allocate one room of the house to each person or one job to each person. Live alone? Tackle one room each day or one job a day.

Invest in a stylish and efficient storage solution

Once you’ve tidied up, it can be difficult to keep things looking that way. The easiest way to do this is to find a storage solution that you enjoy looking atand that will encourage you to keep things fairly tidy.

Floating shelves may well be the answer. Their sleek design isn’t impaired by unsightly brackets or support, while their external support can handle anything from photo frames and jewellery stands to artwork.

Please don’t hesitate to contact theShelfdirect team to find out more about our custom-made floating shelves, and how they could help to keep your home looking as good as new.