Shelfdirect’s floating shelves are easy to install and give your home a personal touch

Floating shelves are perfect for accenting anyone’s home with decorative ornaments and minimalist chic. Shelfdirect offers a vast selection of wooden shelves that we create to client specifications, which helps to ensure that they fit perfectly into our customers’ homes.

Our bespoke shelving units are not only brilliant for complementing a home’s décor and strong enough to hold up multiple books, trinkets or keepsakes, but are also incredibly easy to install. You don’t need to be a handyman to install these shelves. Our floating shelves are just as practical as they are stylish.

Several easy-fitting designs

You don’t need to significantly rearrange your home to accommodate our shelves. We supply 2cm thin floating shelves with reliable bracket fittings. With a few small drill-holes, you can affix the small brackets to any wall and just slide in the shelf.

Our shelves are made from a variety of remarkable wood veneers, including cherry, maple, oak, walnut and beech, which add style and provide a sturdy surface for any items that you may wish to showcase.

If you want the supports of your shelves to be completely invisible, our thicker 4cm–8cm shelf models are the ideal choice. They come supported with highly stable threaded bars, rawl plugs and battons.

Simply drill the necessary holes, insert the supports and then slide the shelf onto the supports. That’s all that it takes to fit one of our gorgeous floating shelves in any room.

We provide concise installation instructions for all of our floating shelves and are happy to provide additional help for our customers with the installation of their shelf.

Contact Shelfdirect about our striking bespoke shelving units

Style doesn’t have to require a huge amount of effort. Don’t settle for a space-consuming freestanding shelving unit when you can have gorgeous wood veneer floating shelves from Shelfdirect.

To learn about how we can tailor our bespoke shelving units to your home or to receive free samples, simply get in touch with a member of the Shelfdirect team now.

We’ll listen to what you tell us in relation to your requirements for your shelving units and the kind of space with which you’re working, so that you can achieve the perfect shelves for your home.