We make it easy for you to order the exact shelving you want

Shelves are among the most vital things in almost any home, but they can also so easily offset a room’s look in the wrong, rather than right way. It doesn’t help that so many of the leading big-name stores often only offer shelving of a restricted palette and aesthetic. Meanwhile, certain other companies that pride themselves on a truly custom shelving installation service are a little too willing to charge a king’s ransom for the privilege.

This is where we spotted a gap in the market here at Shelfdirect. We noticed that homeowners across East Sussex and the wider UK were anxious to give their homes shelving that actually looked high-quality, rather than merely being high-quality… and they often had a certain ‘look’ already in mind that their chosen supplier couldn’t offer. Even when the supplier could offer shelving of the right appearance, price would frequently be an issue.

Shelfdirect builds its service around you

You may have already noticed that we do things slightly differently here at Shelfdirect. The range of shelving that we advertise on our website is incredibly diverse, but there’s also considerable scope for customisation. We don’t simply force you to accept a certain standard shelf design. It’s all helped by the fact that we really do make the shelves ourselves, in a workshop in Hove, East Sussex.

It doesn’t matter whether you require alcove shelving that is ready for you in paint in your own choice of colour or finish, or would instead like some solid wood display shelving that already looks incredible. We are also gaining an ever-greater reputation for beautiful and easy to install picture shelving and very sophisticated-looking and functional twin slot shelving.

Whatever – the truly important thing is what you desire as one of our valued customers. We do everything possible to make the process of picking and ordering the perfect shelves for your needs both effortless and straightforward.

Why not request some samples from us?

Yes, we can even send you free samples of all of the wood veneers we offer, should you feel that this will help you to make your choice. You may even have a particular wood type or finish that you would like us to match, in which case, we will do everything we can to assist.

Contact the Shelfdirect team now to learn more about what we can do to give you your ideal custom shelving installation, or browse our website to get a stronger sense of the depth of our expertise.