Learn more about custom shelving installation

One of the most attractive features of our floating shelves is their total lack of external brackets, which some of our shelving buyers prefer from an aesthetic and/or practical perspective.

However, this leads many of our customers to question how they can actually install our shelves onto their walls. So without further ado, here are several different custom shelving installation processes for you to follow, depending on the exact type of shelf from us that you have purchased.

2cm and 3.5cm floating shelves

Draw a level line on your wall marking where you want your shelf to go. Then, mark the required position of the brackets on the wall, which is normally 20cm from the end.

Drill the holes for the rawl plugs using a masonry drill, before inserting the plugs. Screw the brackets to the wall as per the instructions contained in the brackets’ packaging. Fit your shelves into the brackets, tightening from below, and you’re done.

4cm floating shelf

Again, draw a level line where you wish to place your shelf. Hold the shelf up to the wall so that the holes are visible and mark the required position of the brackets on the wall. Use a 10mm masonry drill to drill the holes for the rawl plugs, then insert them.

Screw the threaded rod ends of the bracket into the rawl plugs, ensuring that they are completely secure. Slide the shelf over the roads onto the wall, and you’re all finished.

If you wish, you can add a small amount of silicone adhesive to the end of the rods for extra adhesion.

4cm and 8cm thick floating shelf for plasterboard and masonry walls

Draw your level line where you plan to place your shelf, allowing for the thickness of 19mm for the actual position of the shelf. Fix the batton to the wall, and slide the shelf over the batton, before screwing from above to secure.

Resin fixings with threaded bars

Draw a level line on your wall where you want your shelf to go, and mark the required position of the resin fixings. Drill holes for the fixings using a masonry drill. Squeeze in the resin to nearly fill the holes, then push in the threaded bars, ensuring they are level. Allow them to set, then slide the shelf over the threaded bars onto the wall.

Always take care when installing our custom shelving. We reckon even less advanced DIY enthusiasts will be able to install our shelves, but if you’re having any problems or doubts at all, please contact a trusted tradesperson – it’s the better option than permanently damaging your walls or shelves.

Order your floating shelves today from the custom shelving specialists at Shelfdirect, and you will be able to introduce so much more practicality to your home.