How the addition of floating shelves can make your home seriously snazzier

We like to think that our custom shelving installation service caters to most people’s tastes or personal style. With so many stunning wood veneer finishes that we can offer, there will likely be something to match any homeowner’s colour scheme or preference. However, we can also completely understand if you require something a bit more flamboyant or distinctive.

Introducing our ready-to-paint shelving

There are several ways to achieve a more eye-catching custom shelving installation, with one of the more obvious of these being to acquire our ready-to-paint floating shelves. These shelves don’t differ in any way from our standard floating shelves, except that they are supplied in plain MDF, ready for you to paint in whatever colour or pattern you please.

Thanks to the plain structure of these shelves, you can get creative with how you paint them. You don’t even have to stick to one solid colour – you could paint them in stripes, dots or pretty much anything else. To give the impression that your shelves are literally floating, however, you may wish to paint them the same colour as the wall or the walls to which the shelves are fixed.

We would recommend painting your shelves before you install them, to avoid getting any unwanted paint on your surrounding walls.

Be more adventurous in what you place on your shelves

There’s no harm in being creative with what you place on the shelves, too. As well as their primary purpose of being an efficient storage solution, floating shelves can be used to display such items as artwork, ornaments, trophies, photographs…or almost anything else.

You can even take advantage of the sheer versatility of our floating shelves, by using them to create interesting shapes or structures on your wall. Our floating shelves can be customised by width, depth and length, which allow them to be installed into corners, alcoves or anywhere in your home.

Contact Shelfdirect – we don’t bite!

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your order – our chief shelf-maker has many years of experience as a joiner and furniture maker. You can count on us to cater to all of your floating shelf needs and ideas, no matter how outlandish they may be, so why not get in touch with our seasoned shelving experts today?