How else can you make the most of your floating shelves?

Naturally, here at Shelfdirect, we believe that our floating shelves are stunning enough just as they are, but we can understand if you wish to jazz them up a little bit or have us modify them slightly.

Have fun with shape and size

As you are probably already aware, our floating shelves can be customised by width, depth and length. In addition to making our shelves much more adaptable to your home, it means that you can experiment with different shaped or sized shelves.

It could be that you create different patterns or shapes, or even a collage of sorts – it’s all down to your imagination.

Make the most of the space you’ve got

We’ve seen a major increase in the number of people asking us if we can make floating shelves that will fit snugly into the corner of a particularly tricky room.

Thanks to our extensive experience in creating shelves, as well as how versatile floating shelves can be, we certainly can.

If you feel that something is ‘missing’ from a room or suspect that the corners of your room are a bit bare, floating shelves could be your answer.

This eccentric storage solution is also ideal for those of you with very little living space to work with.

Get creative with colour

Our floating shelves are available in an array of gorgeous natural wood finishes that’ll match any home, but it may be the case that you’re after something a little different.

That’s why we offer a range of floating shelves that are ready for you to paint as your heart desires.

The options are endless – paint them in every colour of the rainbow for a child’s room, or paint them the exact same colour as the wall the shelf is installed onto for a dramatic effect.

Order your floating shelves from only one place

Whatever you decide to do with your floating shelves, there’s only one place you should be purchasing them from – Shelfdirect.

We create all of our shelves by hand at our Hove workshop, where we can tailor them to your exact needs – however specialised those needs are.

Browse the Shelfdirect website today to get a sense of the floating shelf options that we offer – and if you quickly decide exactly what you would like to order, please don’t hesitate to do so.