Give your home some practical chic with our floating bespoke shelving units

Shelves are often the best way to showcase your photo frames or interesting art pieces, but their biggest flaw can be their appearance. Size can sometimes be an issue too, but functionality tends to be prioritised over style by those designing, manufacturing or looking to purchase shelving units.

Shelfdirect offers a solution to the frequent problem of practical but dull shelves, with an excellent choice of bespoke shelving units that take up a minimal amount of space while complementing their surroundings superbly.

Our floating shelves, in particular, can bring a subtle charm to a room while taking up almost no space at all.

A minimalist design that takes up less space

The way our floating shelves affix to walls and hide their brackets gives them their distinctive ‘floating’ look, showcasing a minimalistic design that adds visual appeal to any home.

Even the colours of our bespoke shelving units can nicely complement the wider decor of a room, working brilliantly with both modern and traditional interior designs, also thanks in large part to the various types of wood grain finish that you can specify.

Here at Shelfdirect, we offer floating shelves in oak, maple, cherry and walnut for a striking wooden look. Our shelves are also available in a standard wood that is easy to paint over, which enables you to customise them to the space in which you intend to install them.

Accent your home with ornaments

Combine the minimalist look of your floating shelves with a collection of beautiful trinkets or ornaments to bring your home to life. Picture frames, statuettes and other items of interest look great when perched on a sturdy floating shelf.

Use your shelving to tell the stories of your travels or reflect the kind of person you are. For a modern look, try incorporating statuettes or vases that use a lot of curves in their designs. Curves are a modern decor scheme’s best friend, and with the subtle beauty of a floating shelf, your items’ distinctive aesthetic will be all the more noticeable to your guests.

The floating shelves that we supply are made from sturdy wood veneer that can support a great amount of weight, making them the ideal choice if you want to bring heavier, more elaborate decoration into your home.

Choose Shelfdirect for your next bespoke shelving units

Shelfdirect stocks many different floating shelf designs that will bring an extra degree of flair to your home, with various fabulous wood and paint finishes available. You’ve also got the option of a standard, ready-to-paint shelf if you want greater control over its appearance.

For more information about our available bespoke shelving units or to receive some free shelving samples, why not get in touch? A member of our knowledgeable team will be glad to advise you on the best kind of shelving unit for your home.