We give you an extensive range of options for wood veneers

Ask a range of people who are looking for new shelving for their home, and they are likely to consistently mention certain priorities. Almost everyone seeking home shelving wants what they buy to look good, be hardwearing and last for a long time. They will also expect it to be affordable, which helps to explain why so many people frequently turn to the larger, big-brand stores that can offer shelving answering all of these requirements.

However, there are also many smaller wood veneer suppliers active in the market that can provide genuinely high-quality shelving that also offers plenty of scope for customisation – all at a competitive price.

Whatever finish you desire, we can provide

The most cursory look around our online store should be enough to confirm to you that we really can cater to every conceivable aesthetic you may desire for your new shelving. We offer remarkable alcove shelves, for instance, finished in any of an assortment of real wood veneers to provide the best possible stability and weight-bearing capacity.

The term ‘wood veneer’, for those who are unaware, refers to a thin coating of wood over the top of another solid material. Shelving that uses wood veneer makes sense for homeowners for a range of reasons. While shelves incorporating such veneers as beech, maple, oak, walnut and cherry offer the same beautiful appearance as solid wood shelving, they are not as heavy and also don’t warp like solid wood shelves are susceptible to doing in modern home environments.

With wood veneer also often chosen over solid wood for economical reasons, it’s clear that the practical benefits of such shelving routinely outweigh the solid wood alternatives. The even better news is that it couldn’t be easier to request samples from us so that you can better compare the many wood finishes we can offer.

We can send you our samples completely free

There’s no need to merely guess which wood veneers would best suit your requirements by looking at the images on our website. Instead, navigate to our free samples page, where you will be able to complete and submit our straightforward online form. Within days, we will have samples of all of our available wood veneers heading in your direction in the post.

Shelfdirect is proud to offer the best quality, most impressive-looking shelving at genuinely attainable prices to style, practicality and money-conscious homeowners across the UK – so why not contact us now for any further guidance or information that you may need?