Floating shelves from Shelfdirect – a truly sturdy solution

Many people tend to look at our floating shelves and get the impression that they can’t handle much weight – regardless of the actual size of the shelving they are looking at.

The main reason that this occurs is simultaneously the main benefit of our floating shelves – their lack of external brackets.

Shelfdirect believes that form shouldn’t have to compromise function…

While our floating shelves are frequently chosen for their aesthetic values, they can still be used to display things such as photos, trophies and ornaments; anything bigger or bulkier may mean that we’ll have to provide you some form of bracketing.

However, the items that you will be able to place on your shelves and the the weight that they will be able to handle all depends on a few things, including the type of wall that the shelf is being installed onto, the quality of the wall and the fixings that are used to fix the shelf onto the wall.

Feeling stuck for choice?

We don’t blame you.

As aforementioned, your average floating shelf – a shelf with batten fixings installed onto a plasterboard wall – will be able to safely show off items such as ornaments, photos and anything else fairly light or small, up to approximately 10kg in weight. The same applies to batten fixings used on a masonry wall.

If you want to place anything larger on your shelf, we will happily supply you with a range of brackets that bear up to approximately 50kg per shelf.

Our 2cm and 3.5cm thick shelves with brackets can support heavier loads. For a 2cm shelf, each bracket will be able to support around about 12kg, while the brackets for 3.5cm shelving will support approximately 15kg.

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If you have any further queries regarding the suitability of our floating shelves for your walls or what you wish to store on them, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will happily create floating shelves that are tailor-made to your requirements.

Regardless of your exact needs, all of our floating shelves are handmade in our Hove workshop with years and years of experience and care behind them.

For more information about our industry-leading bespoke floating shelves, feel free to contact Shelfdirect today.