Floating shelves aren’t the mere preserve of living rooms

Many of the pictures and suggestions you see regarding where to place floating shelves in your home will more often than not show them in a living room setting. However, there’s no reason at all why this stylish and innovative storage solution can’t be used elsewhere in the home.

Cooking in a cluttered space is no fun

No one likes a kitchen full of clutter, intended or likewise. If your kitchen is erring on the smaller side, floating shelves are the best storage option. They lack any form of external brackets, which means they’ll take up much less space than other shelves, or a drawer that has to open out.

Floating shelves will obviously increase the aesthetic value of your kitchen, but there are other benefits. Less clutter makes for better hygiene, which is a must if you frequently have guests over.

Your bathroom can benefit too

Many properties nowadays, especially apartments and flats, have smaller bathrooms. If there are more than two occupants in one of said properties, this could prove to be a problem. It could be the case that you share a house with a group of people or that you have a large family, but what better way is there to store various bits of bathroom clutter than with floating shelves?

Why not allocate one person in the house a small shelf each, to keep toothbrushes and other toiletries separate? This is especially handy in a house with children where they may not be able to reach already-installed cabinets or shelves.

Wherever you choose to place floating shelves in your home, you can count on Shelfdirect to deliver handmade, high-quality shelving every time.

We have been on the go for six years now, and have created every single one of our shelves by hand in our Hove workshop ever since. We offer a rarity; we can create bespoke shelves tailored exactly to your specific needs, no matter how unusual they may be.

For more information about floating shelves from Shelfdirect, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. Remember that we aren’t just another big brand high street store – we really can supply highly individual, beautifully crafted shelves that also perfectly answer your practical requirements!