A floating shelf from Shelfdirect represents the perfect combination of style and functionality

Don’t let the stylish minimalist look of our floating shelves fool you – they’re actually very strong units that can also hold up your items without taking up a great amount of space.

Here at Shelfdirect, we supply beautiful bespoke shelving units in a variety of different styles that work well with modern or traditional décor without sacrificing any of their functionality.

The sturdy wood veneer construction of our shelves enables them to hold up well over time, even when heavier items are placed upon them. With Shelfdirect, you don’t need to choose between style and practicality, as our units offer plenty of both.

Sturdy wood veneer shelves with gorgeous designs

Our floating shelves fit well to your walls, while giving the impression of protruding and literally ‘floating’ wooden units.

As precarious as our shelves may look, a set of braces keeps them firmly affixed without any danger of them falling. These shelves also come in a range of wood veneers, including cherry, oak, beech and more.

Our floating shelves come with the option of a back or can simply be a single horizontal wood veneer unit. These shelves can be as thin as 2cm in width and still hold a significant amount of weight.

For those who desire greater control over the appearance of their floating shelves, we offer unpainted shelves that can be coated in whatever colour suits the rest of the destination room’s colour scheme. Alternatively, you could leave the shelves unpainted and combine the wood veneer look with a rustic or traditional interior.

Only the highest quality bespoke shelving units are available from us

Our shelves boast a subtle beauty that is sure to work well with your home’s wider décor, while of course, their practicality is undeniable, as they are great for keeping your photos, books and trinkets secure.

Showcase your ornaments with a strong shelf that accents the items it holds with any of a range of colour and wood veneer options.

Save space and add flair to your home with a floating or alcove shelving unit from Shelfdirect. Why not claim some free shelving samples, so you can try some of our products before you buy?

For more information about our extensive range of attractive shelving solutions, simply visit our products page or get in touch for a talk with one of our shelf-expert team members.