Why you should choose only bespoke floating shelves for your home

With their characteristically elegant, ‘floating’ appearance, our bespoke floating shelves have gained quite a following in a relatively short space of time. But why should you turn to a company like Shelfdirect to make such shelves for you on a bespoke basis, instead of sourcing existing units from a value store or second-hand market?

You’ll save in the long run

It may be that a run-of-the-mill piece of shelving from a value store is cheaper to purchase – but what about the need to constantly repaint it, or even replace it in a few months’ time? We’re sure you’ll agree that a slightly more costly initial investment is worth it for a high-quality, durable and stylish shelving unit that has been made to perfectly fit your needs.

We do our utmost to meet your shelving requirements

You may have a particular design in mind, or your home may have an especially bare-looking corner or alcove that could be ideally filled with one or several floating shelves. Perhaps you just like everything in your home to be perfect – whatever the situation, you are likely to be much better-served by beautifully custom-made shelving units than their store-bought counterparts.

Here at Shelfdirect, we always do our best to fulfil the most demanding or even outlandish requests of the purchasers of our floating shelves. We can create simple corner or alcove shelving, come up with shelving of an especially individual or appealing design or simply add some much-needed depth to those awkward spots in your home.

Whatever the request, we do like a challenge, so please don’t hesitate to tell us your ideas.

Made with the benefit of years of expertise

All of our products are made with the benefit of years of expertise in the bespoke wooden furniture industry, which enables us to painstakingly create each product with love, care and in accordance with the customer’s exact needs.

Don’t settle for a mass-produced shelf that looks identical to that being used by your neighbours, when you can have a stunning set of suitably individual floating shelves created by Shelfdirect!

Enquire now about our acclaimed, responsive and professional service and truly amazing bespoke shelving units.