How you can give your home a minimalist look

Creating a minimalist look for your home can make it a much nicer place to live, ridding it of clutter and mess while creating a less stress-inducing environment for yourself.

If you frequently work from home, want to create more space in your home or simply desire a less stress-inducing atmosphere for your humble abode, it’s a great idea to go for a chic minimalist look.

Here are a few simple ways you can create your dream minimalist home decor.

Paint with light colours

Dark or very bright colours tend to make a room feel enclosed rather than open, which could make you feel claustrophobic if you’re living in a small flat.

Using a light colour palette for your home can make it seem more open, giving the impression of additional space to help put emphasis on the space you’ve already created. Light Earth tones are a great choice for minimalist decor.

Blank walls

Bring attention to the light calming colours by keeping your walls free of the unnecessary clutter that could make your walls feel too busy. By all means, hang up art or posters in the room, but keep the number of decorations low and be sure to keep at least one of the walls in each of your rooms completely bare.

Limit the amount of decor

Less is more when it comes to minimalist decor. Big tables in the centre of living rooms are a major sin. Ask yourself how much furniture you actually need in each of your rooms and try to cut down the number as much as you can.

A side-table or two for the sofas in your living room should suffice, giving you room to place a lamp or drinks to help combine minimalist chic with functionality.

Floating shelves

Freestanding bookshelves can take up a lot of space and promote the build-up of clutter. Floating shelves are the perfect addition to any minimalist home because they completely hide their sturdy supports, allowing the shelf to hold multiple items and still be only 3cm thick.

Shelfdirect offers a wide variety of bespoke shelving units that can help to hold up your books with gorgeous thin wood veneer. Our floating shelves can contribute to the minimalist chic of your home without showing any unsightly supports.

Accentuate your minimalist home with our floating shelves

Here at Shelfdirect, we’re experts when it comes to combining functionality with minimalist appeal. We supply a plethora of beautiful floating shelves in various wood finishes. We also provide shelves that are ready to paint, letting you perfectly coordinate them with your home’s light colour scheme.

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