3 of the most frequently asked questions about floating shelves

Shelving units can create a practical place for you to store all of your old books and other items, as well as create additional decor for your home.

One of the most pressing problems with traditional shelving units is their tendency to take up too much space. Some are so large that you may not have enough items to store on them, leaving empty spaces on individual shelves and ruining the appearance of a room.

The solution to this? Floating shelves! A set of floating shelves can maximise storage space while giving the rest of your home a gorgeous minimalist look. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about floating shelves and why you shouldn’t be put off buying them.

Will the supports damage the wall?

Not at all. In fact, the floating appearance of these shelves is attributed to the efficient way they are mounted.

Many of the floating shelves that we supply are fitted with small 2cm or 3.5cm brackets, which only require a small hole to be fitted to your wall. The brackets are so small that the shelf will still retain the illusion of floating.

How much can something so thin hold?

Despite some of our designs being just 3.5 cm thick, they are all still sturdy enough to hold up a great deal of weight.

The brackets can also be completely invisible if you go with a batten design. Battens can be fitted without causing any damage to your wall and allow you to easily slide the shelf onto the wall, completely hiding the bracket.

Battens will give your shelves a truly ‘floaty’ appearance, while still enabling them to hold up all the books and knick-knacks that you want to display.

Are they a hassle to install?

Not only are our shelves suitable to fit to any wall without causing damage, but they’re also easy to install. With batten type floating shelves, all that you need to do is secure the batten to the wall, slide the shelf onto it and then affix it using either the screws provided or a small dab of adhesive.

Visible brackets are easy to install too, with just a few screws being required. Even if you’ve never done any DIY in your life, we’ll help to make the process easy with the assistance of an enclosed instruction booklet.

To learn more about our range of floating shelves or enquire about our free shelving samples, contact us today to speak to one of our experienced staff.