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Twin Slot Uprights & Brackets

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How to order your brackets and uprights on ShelfDirect.


Our uprights (ie the metal strips attached to the wall that hold the brackets) come in three lengths: 100cm, 150cm and 200cm.

The illustration below shows you with width of the upright and the gaps between the screw holes used to install the upright.

The depth of the upright (from the front side to the wall) is just under 15mm (or 1.5cm), so when working out the overall depth of your shelving, you will need to bear that in mind.




We supply brackets -which slot into the uprights – in four sizes, 17cm, 22cm, 27cm and 37cm long. This measurement refers to how far the bracket protrudes once it’s been slotted into the upright (please see the illustration below as an example).

So, for example, if your shelves are 30cm deep, the 27cm brackets will be perfect, as they will leave 3cm from the end of the bracket to the front edge of the shelf. The important thing is to make sure your brackets are not longer than your shelf depth.

If you’re not sure about which brackets or uprights to order, please feel free to contact us; we’re really happy to help!




Ordering your uprights and brackets: 

Firstly, select white or black, then choose the number of uprights required. You will need at least 2 uprights for the first 100cm of shelf length and we recommend at least one further upright for every additional 50cm or so of shelf length. Your may want to have more uprights than this if your shelves are going to be very heavily laden.

To order your uprights, select the length of the uprights you require (100cm, 150cm or 200cm) from the drop down menu on the left and then use the arrows in the box to the right to tell us how many uprights you want to order. Once you have decided on your uprights, you can move onto the brackets.

You will need at least two brackets for each shelf. If your shelf is longer than 100cm, you will probably have decided to order an additional upright; you will need a bracket for every upright.

For example: if you have ordered one shelf at 150cm long x 25cm deep, you will need at least 3 uprights and 3 brackets.  If you choose to order 4 uprights, you will need 4 brackets and so on.

To order your brackets, select the size of the brackets you would like to order (17cm, 22cm, 27cm & 37cm), using the drop-down menu to the left, then use the arrows in the box to the right to tell us how many brackets you need.

Once you have all of the brackets and uprights you need, simply click on Add to Basket and you can review your order before moving on to payment.

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These shelves are easy to install; full instructions can be found on our Fitting Instructions page.

You don’t need any specialist equipment; just a tape measure, pencil, spirit level, a drill, screws and rawl plugs.The uprights are fixed to the wall, using the appropriate rawl plugs and screws for your wall.

The brackets are then slotted into the uprights. The shelves can then be placed on the brackets and, if desired, screwed to the brackets from below for added security.

Alternatively, you may want to consult and use a professional tradesperson to install your shelves for you.


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Brackets are dispatched within 3-4 working days of order.



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