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We give you an extensive range of options for wood veneers

Ask a range of people who are looking for new shelving for their home, and they are likely to consistently mention certain priorities. Almost everyone seeking home shelving wants what they buy to look good, be hardwearing and last for a long time. They will also expect it to be affordable, which helps to explain […]

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Request shelving samples online from the highest-quality supplier

The shelving that you choose for your home makes such a big difference with regard to both appearance and practicality, so it’s vital to purchase the shelves that suit your humble abode best. Here at Shelfdirect, we take great pride in offering shelves characterised by a distinctive aesthetic and high standard of manufacture – but […]

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3 of the most frequently asked questions about floating shelves

Shelving units can create a practical place for you to store all of your old books and other items, as well as create additional decor for your home. One of the most pressing problems with traditional shelving units is their tendency to take up too much space. Some are so large that you may not […]